1.Sesame Ball (8)6.95
2.Egg Rolls (5) (vegetable)5.00
3.B.B.Q. Pork Bun (6)7.95
4.Fried Prawns (6)6.95
5.Egg Rolls (5) (chicken)7.50
6.Fried Wontons (12)5.95
7.Crab Rabgoon (8)6.95
8.Fried Chicken Wings (5)6.95
9.Pot Stickers or Steamed (6)6.95
10.B.B.Q. Chicken Wings (12) Spicy Hot7.95
11.Salt & Pepper Ribs Spicy Hot7.95
12.Dry Spare Ribs Spicy Hot7.50
13.Salt & Pepper Chicken Spicy Hot7.95
14.Salt & Pepper Shrimp Spicy Hot8.95
15.Salt & Pepper Pork Chop Spicy Hot8.95
16.Foil Wrapped Chicken6.95
18.Salt & Pepper Squid Spicy Hot8.95
19.Shrimp Rolls Spicy Hot7.50
20.Pu Pu Tray
(2 Egg Rolls, 2 Crab Wonton, 2 Chicken Wings
2 Fried Prawns, 2 Pot Stickers)
21.Seafood Soup6.95
22.Hot & Sour Soup Spicy Hot6.95
23.Wonton Soup6.95
24.War Wonton Soup (beef, chicken, prawns)6.95
25.Egg Flower Soup6.95
26.Chicken Corn Soup6.95
27.Mixed Vegetables Soup6.95
28.Sizzling Rice Soup6.95
29.Sizzling Tofu Soup6.95
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
Fried Rice
30.Egg Fried Rice7.95
31.Pork Fried Rice7.95
32.Prawns Fried Rice7.95
33.Chicken Fried Rice7.95
34.Beef Fried Rice7.95
35.Vegetables Fried Rice7.95
36.House Fried Rice
(Beef, Chicken, & Prawns)
37.Steamed Rice (S) 1.50
37.Steamed Rice (L) 3.75
38.Brown Rice (S) 2.00
38.Brown Rice (L) 5.00
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
Chow Mein
(soft noodles)
39.Vegetables Chow Mein7.95
40.Pork Chow Mein7.95
41.Chicken Chow Mein7.95
42.Beef Chow Mein7.95
43.Prawns Chow Mein7.95
44.Hong Kong Style Noodle7.95
45.House Chow Mein (Beef, Chicken, & Prawns)7.95
Chow Fun
(flat rice noodles)
46.Vegetables Chow Fun8.95
47.Pork Chow Fun8.95
48.Chicken Chow Fun8.95
49.Beef Chow Fun8.95
50.Prawns Chow Fun8.95
51.House Chow Fun (Beef, Chicken, & Prawns)8.95
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
Rice Noodle
(thin rice noodles)
52.Vegetables Rice Noodle8.95
53.Pork Rice Noodle8.95
54.Chicken Rice Noodle8.95
55.Beef Rice Noodle8.95
56.Prawns Rice Noodle8.95
57.Singapore Noodle (curry style) Spicy Hot8.95
58.House Rice Noodle (Beef, Chicken, & Prawns)8.95
Egg Foo Young
59.Vegetable Egg Foo Young8.95
60.Pork Egg Foo Young8.95
61.Chicken Egg Foo Young8.95
62.Prawns Egg Foo Young9.25
63.House Egg Foo Young
(Beef, Chicken, & Prawns)
Mu Shu
(4 Pancakes)
64.Mu Shu Chicken8.95
65.Mu Shu Pork8.95
66.Mu Shu Shrimp8.95
67.Mu Shu Beef8.95
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
68.Salt & Pepper Fish Spicy Hot9.25
69.Sesame Fish Spicy Hot9.25
70.Deep Fried Fish9.25
71.Lemon Fish9.25
72.Szechuan Fish Spicy Hot9.25
73.Black Pepper Fish Spicy Hot9.25
74.Orange Fish Spicy Hot9.25
75.String Bean Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce8.95
76.Almond Chicken8.95
77.Honey Walnut Chicken8.95
78.Mandarin Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
79.Curry Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
80.Szechuan Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
81.Cashew Nut Chicken8.95
82.Chicken w/ Vegetables8.95
83.Broccoli Chicken8.95
84.Snow Peas Chicken8.95
85.Tofu Chicken8.95
86.Lemon Chicken8.95
87.Asparagus Chicken8.95
88.Chicken w/Black Bean Sauce8.95
89.Chicken w/Black Bean Mushroom8.95
90.Sesame Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
91.Mongolian Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
92.Orange Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
93.Garlic Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
94.Salt & Pepper Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
95.Five Taste Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
96.Kung Pao Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
97.General's Chicken Spicy Hot8.95
98.Roasted Pork w/Vegetables8.95
99.Roasted Pork w/Broccoli8.95
100.Roasted Pork w/Tofu8.95
101.Pork w/String Beans8.95
102.Pork w/Garlic Sauce Spicy Hot8.95
103.Szechuan Pork Spicy Hot8.95
Sweet & Sour
104.Sweet & Sour Chicken8.95
105.Sweet & Sour Pork8.95
106.Sweet & Sour Prawns8.95
107.Sweet & Sour Triple Delight8.95
108.Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet8.95
109.Broccoli Beef9.25
110.Beef w/Snow Peas9.25
111.Beef w/Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots9.25
112.Oyster Sauce Beef w/ Ginger & Green Onion9.25
113.Hunan Beef Spicy Hot9.25
114.Black Pepper Beef Spicy Hot9.25
115.Tofu Beef9.25
116.Kung Pao Beef Spicy Hot9.25
117.Beef w/ Vegetables9.25
118.Mongolian Beef Spicy Hot9.95
119.Asparagus Beef9.25
120.Orange Beef Spicy Hot9.25
121.Sesame Beef Spicy Hot9.25
122.Green Beans Beef9.25
123.Mandarin Beef Spicy Hot9.25
124.Szechuan Beef Spicy Hot9.25
125.Tomato Beef Spicy Hot9.25
126.Bitter Melon Beef Spicy Hot9.25
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
127.Mongolian Lamb Spicy Hot9.95
128.Kung Pao Lamb Spicy Hot9.95
129.Lamb in Garlic Sauce Spicy Hot9.95
130.Prawns w/String Beans9.95
131.Prawns w/Asparagus9.95
132.Prawns w/Snow Peas9.95
133.Prawns w/Black Bean Sauce9.95
134.Prawns w/Cashew Nuts9.95
135.Prawns w/Mixed Vegetables9.95
136.Prawns w/Garlic Sauce Spicy Hot9.95
137.Kung Pao Prawns Spicy Hot9.95
138.Tofu Prawns9.95
139.Honey Walnut Prawns9.95
140.Shrimp with Lobster Sauce9.95
141.Curry Shrimp Spicy Hot9.95
142.Szechuan Shrimp Spicy Hot9.95
143.Kung Pao Squid Spicy Hot9.95
144.Mixed Vegetable with Squid9.95
145.Happy Family10.95
146.Kung Pao Triple Delight Spicy Hot10.95
147.Seafood Combination10.95
148.Three Ingredients (prawns, scallops, chicken9.95
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
149.Broccoli & Bean Curd8.50
150.Snow Peas w/Black Mushrooms & Water Chestnuts8.50
151.Mixed Vegetables Deluxe8.50
152.Dry Pan String Bean Spicy Hot8.50
153.Eggplant w/Garlic Sauce Spicy Hot8.50
154.String Bean w/Bean Curd8.50
155.Broccoli w/Oyster Sauce8.50
156.Mo Po Tofu Spicy Hot8.50
157.Mongolian Tofu Spicy Hot8.50
158.Garlic String Bean Spicy Hot8.50
159.Kung Pao Tofu Spicy Hot8.50
Party Tray
1. Fried Rice (Chicken, Beef, Pork or Prawns)$35$45$55
2. Chow Mein (Chicken, Beef, Pork or Prawns)$35$45$55
3. Chow Fun (Chicken, Beef, Pork or Prawns)$40$50$60
4. Honey Walnet Chicken$40$50$60
5. Sweet & Sour Chicken$40$50$60
6. Sweet & Sour Pork$40$50$60
7. Sweet & Sour Prawns$45$55$65
8. Generals ChickenSpicy Hot$40$50$60
9. Orange ChickenSpicy Hot$40$50$60
10. Beef with Broccoli $40$50$60
11. Checken with Broccoli $40$50$60
12. Kung Pao ChickenSpicy Hot$40$50$60
13. Kung Pao BeefSpicy Hot$40$50$60
14. Mongolian ChickenSpicy Hot$45$55$65
15. Mongolian BeefSpicy Hot$45$55$65
Special Family Dinners
Dinner for 2 (A) $22.00
Wonton Soup
Prawns Fried Rice or Chow Mein
Sesame ChickenSpicy Hot
Family Dinner B $31.99
Wonton Soup or Hot & Sour SoupSpicy Hot
Egg Rolls or Pot Stickers or Fried Prawns
Pork Fried Rice or Chow Mein
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Broccoli Beef
Family Dinner C $41.99
Wonton Soup or Hot & Sour SoupSpicy Hot
Egg Rolls or Pot Stickers or Fried Prawns
Mongolian BeefSpicy Hot
Cashew Nut Chicken
Sweet & Sour Pork
Lemon Chicken
Broccoli Beef
Spicy Hot Hot & Spicy
All Day Rice Plate $7.05
Choice of Fried or Steamed Rice
1.Almond Chicken
2.Kung Pao Chicken Spicy Hot
3.Cashew Nuts Chicken
4.Sesame Chicken Spicy Hot
5.String Bean Chicken or Beef
6.Chicken w/Mixed Vegetable
7.Sweet & Sour Chicken
8.Broccoli Beef or Chicken
9.Beef or Chicken w/Snow Peas
10.Szechuan Beef or Chicken Spicy Hot
11.Mongolian Beef or Chicken Spicy Hot
12.Kung Pao Beef Spicy Hot
13.Sweet & Sour Pork
14.Garlic Pork in Szechuan Sauce Spicy Hot
15.Bean Curd in Spicy Sauce Spicy Hot
16.Mixed Fresh Vegetable
17.Eggplant in Szechuan Sauce Spicy Hot
18.Prawns with Black Bean Sauce
19.Prawns with Broccoli
20.Kung Pao Prawns Spicy Hot
21.Lemon Chicken
22.Orange Chicken Spicy Hot
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